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Protecting the Environment
Calmtime plants trees to counteract any CO2
emissions from manufacturing CDs

who is calmtime's music for?
Calmtime works for everyone who would like help with relaxing and feeling calmer. It was originally produced to help restless babies with insomnia to relax and sleep. We had such a positive response from people using the CD for other purposes that we decided to tell you about it.

"I just want to say a big thank you. I love the CD and so does my daughter!!" Paula and Lyla, Cardiff

It's been a while since we released our relaxation music CD and, thanks to your feedback, we have learnt two important things:

1) Calmtime works! Thank you so much for all the positive feedback you've sent us saying how effective and helpful our CD is in creating an hour of peace, again and again.

2) Calmtime works for everyone who would like help with relaxing and feeling calmer. Whether it is to help cope with stress, pain relief, sleep problems or general anxiety, this CD can make a real difference to your life.

For no extra cost we will gift-wrap your copy of Calmtime and hand-write your message and post it to the address you give - for Christmas and any other special occasion. Just mention this when purchasing the CD. If you've any queries just e-mail at:

research has shown that relaxation music can help people in the following five categories:

pregnancy 'put on calming music and even the most agitated baby relaxes. A four or five month old foetus responds to sound in very discriminating ways.' The Secret Life of the Unborn Child' - see' the effect' page - under Studies.
pain, Deep relaxation that is enjoyable creates endorphins which are our bodies' natural morphine. Relaxation music helps both chronic and acute pain, eg. arthritis, back pain, joint pain, muscular pain and pain after surgery.
restless babies, stressed, irritable babies from lack of sleep, colic, teething and anxiety. See mother and baby page about what happens if your baby isn't getting enough sleep.
insomnia, eg. adults who find it difficult to relax and sleep during certain periods of their lives, baby's sleep deprivation can cause problems for everyone in the family.
stress, research has shown the physical and emotional damage stress can cause and how the right type of music can help. Dealing with stress, like stress at work can cause damage to health, so stress management is very important.

what's so special about calmtime?
Calmtime is a natural, safe and effective way to soothe, a unique blend of creativity and science. The warm, intimate humming brings comfort and relaxation. Gentle music combines with natural sounds and the tempo of relaxed breathing. Our music acts on an emotional level helping you overcome an anxious state that can exacerbate, for example: pain, fears or problems in sleeping.

The Green Parent magazine
'This gentle relaxation CD is perfect for all the family. Warm, intimate humming and soft instrumentals combine to soothe babies and their parents off to sleep. It is very difficult to find fault with this CD. Whereas some compilations for babies can include grating vocals, this offers a mesmerising soundscape which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.'

Early Times
'Say goodnight to sleepless nights with Calmtime -
Music to calm fractious babies and help parents relax........Calmtime is different to other music in that it works on an emotional level for both adults and children.'

Here are some responses from people who have been using Calmtime:

'I bought a copy of your CD and just LOVE it, as do the couples in my antenatal classes. I've used the CD with couples having hypnosis for birth sessions and they loved it! They found the rhythmic ebb and flow of the music very soporific and perfect for getting into a state of calm and tranquility.'
Alice Kirby, Cornwall Doula

''During my last trimester Archie was very active, which caused a lot of discomfort. I started playing the Calmtime CD regularly and we both calmed down. Before, he had been kicking me a lot. I'm sure it helped with my labour as well. We both sailed through!' June, Cardiff, UK

'Ipurchased your Calmtime CD over a year and a half ago when I was pregnant and having trouble sleeping. I had seen a positive review in a pregnancy magazine and thought I'd give it a go. I have to say it's brilliant!' Paula, South Wales

'When I was heavily pregnanct I started to play the CD, most days. I'm sure she could tell. It seemed to calm her down straight away. It was a great relief for me.' Sally, Bristol, UK

Pain relief
‘'The Calmtime music seems to help me take my mind of the pain in my shoulder, especially at night.' Jenny, Devon

"My average amount of sleep had been between 4-5 hours a night. I would wake in the early hours and the pain in my back made it impossible to get back to sleep. Now I play Calmtime and get back to sleep for another 3 hours. Marvellous.'
Margaret, Cornwall

Learning Difficulties/Special Needs

The child, who has PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties), had been very restless and uncomfortable, but calmed while the disc was playing and remained calm, with eyes moving gently, as the water's musical journey continued. Other adults and children in the vicinity also said how calming they had found it" Will Gosling, Head Teacher, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

'Just to say 'thank you' again for Calmtime. We play it every night and it's fantastic for setting a calm atmosphere for story time and then sleep.' Lindsey, Gloucs. UK

" I don't really know why, but I've always struggled to get a full night's sleep, it's been a constant part of my adult life and I've kind of learned to get by on a few hours a night. Until this week. I was given a copy of this CD last week and I am delighted to report that I've had 4 straight fabulous nights of calm, uninterrupted sleep."
Emily, Cornwall

'Since playing the Calmtime CD when I put Molly down, the difference is amazing. Before, she would do anything to avoid getting sleepy and my husband and I rarely got more than a few hours sleep a night. Now she either drifts straight off to sleep or lies there dreamily and eventually gets off to sleep.’
Sarah, Reading, UK

'The girls had not been sleeping well with the heat and it was taking ages to get them off to sleep. I played them Calmtime the last couple of nights and they are sleeping well again.’
Cynthia, Bristol, UK

'The first couple of weeks after she arrived were hellish (colic and reflux) so nobody got much sleep. I played soothing classical music and other recommended CDs but nothing really worked except Calmtime. She's now a year old and we still play the music at stressful times such as illness and teething. At these times I play it on a continuous loop through the night in my daughter's room and it really settles her.

I just want to say a big thank you. I love the CD, and so does my daughter!!' Paula, South Wales

‘The first time we tried it out my wife fell off to sleep herself. Over the same period bed-time has been notably quicker and calmer. Thanks very much.' Hamish, Bristol, UK

‘Calmtime makes me sleepy’ Jasmin, age 4

'Thank you for the CD. My baby sleeps well with it playing in the background'. Barbie, USA

'We play Calmtime every day at tea-time and what used to be a chaotic and stressful time is now calm and relaxed. And we enjoy the music.' Cynthia, Bristol, UK

'Whenever I feel strung out, like after a really pressurised day at work, I listen to Calmtime and that seems to put me into a much more calm and happier state for the remainder of that day.'
David, Bristol

"Finding it difficult to relax, I was delighted to find the relaxation download called Relax Yourself by Calmtime.. The combination of Dapne's gentle voice, soothing relaxation technique and the hypnotic background music never fails to send me into a state of deep and healing relaxation.

I play this CD nightly, just as I turn off my bedside light, and am lulled into a state of blissful sleep. Not only that, but I can listen to it at anytime, when I feel stressful, and I am immediately relaxed and de-stressed. Thank you, Daphne, for this wonderful aid to a calmer, happier and healthier life". AR Carmarthenshire

'I use it every day. I put it on and just drift along with themusic, at the end I am so relaxed I could go to sleep. Suffering from ME, whenever my energy levels are getting low I just take time out with Calmtime and afterwards I can carry on, having been recharged'.
Phyl, Dorset

'I enjoyed listening to Calmtime – and I’m not one to go out and buy a “new age” album – but, more importantly, it works. We were in the process of moving house and feeling pretty fraught. I put it on in the background without saying anything and we all became much calmer.’ Zoe, Brighton, UK

'II just received a lovely letter from the recipient of the gift and I thought you would like to hear it. She writes,

"We use the CD often and find it very relaxing. We often leave it playing softly while our little princess sleeps during the day and find that she sleeps longer and is more settled." GS, London

These are comments from Calmtime users.
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