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menopause - your attitude matters

what about our feelings?
I've noticed that there are many articles about the physical symptoms of the menopause and how to deal with them, but what about the many feelings that come up, often of fear and confusion, when this major 'change' starts happening?

I know from my own experience that when your emotions are all over the place due to hormonal imbalances, the last thing you need is to be patronised, because lets face it, only a woman of a certain age could possibly know what you're actually going through.

the menopause is not an illness
One of the main things to remember, (no matter what your GP implies), is that the menopause is not an illness, it's a hormonal imbalance just like you find during puberty. Unfortunately in our society there is a lot of emphasis on the downsides of menopause. It's as if something terrible is going to happen and you'll never be a proper woman again.

why does the menopause have such bad press?
Unfortunately, over the years the menopause has been seen as something to dread, when in fact this time could be viewed as a point in a woman's life where she has many years of healthy living ahead, more independence if she has been bringing up children and no more periods!

mid-life can be confusing
Mid-life can be a confusing time for women. This is also often a time when we become part-time carers of our own parents and of course this can have the effect of making us fearful about own health, especially when our parents die.

It can be a time of shocks to the system from these massive changes. Then we're looking in the mirror thinking, 'oh no, I'm not young anymore!'

My response to that is: so what? Not all societies worship youth. Some cultures look up to the wise woman and find such strong and powerful women, who are being completely themselves, very attractive.

I have written an e book called The Menopause - What Every Woman Needs to Know. You can purchase it for £3.99 by clicking:

Article written by Daphne Nancholas

Daphne has helped women through the menopause for the past 10 years.