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Protecting the Environment
Calmtime plants trees to counteract any CO2
emissions from manufacturing CDs

the story

He experimented with a process named entrainment – a well-established and scientifically researched system for changing mood by gently stimulating the body’s innate ability to change state. Graham used musical intervals that occur naturally in children’s songs and games the world over. He developed a whole new perspective on what music can do and how it can help us – the result is Calmtime.

the lullaby effect
Calmtime blends music and natural sounds with the lullaby effect – the intimate sound of melodic humming - and warm, gentle music to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort that anyone can use.

for everyone
Calmtime is available to everyone who would like to have a little help with relaxing and feeling calmer. Life is already hard enough, especially for women during pregnancy and their babies’ early years, people suffering from chronic pain, any stress related problems and those suffering from insomnia, so please enjoy discovering for yourselves how Calmtime can help.

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